I would like to say on behalf of Citizens for Quality Sickle Cell Care, SCDAA, Northern, CT Chapter, Inc., "Thank You!"
 to all who came out to the "First Gathering on Tuesday, June 6, 2017!  

It was so absolutely encouraging and lovely,  that all of you found time from your busy lives to come out and participate in the first of what I hope to be many more, "Gatherings"  The children that were present at the "Gathering" were just wonderful!  They seem to have made some new friends as well.

A huge "Thank You" to our volunteers who came out and did a marvelous job with setting up, welcoming our guest, working with the children, and cleaning up at the end.  We can't do much without YOU all!!!!

Your shared ideas, suggestions, and recommendations were fantastic!  Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

I want to share a collaborative list of what was shared at the meeting, on June 6, 2017:

1.   Overall, you reported by way of the evaluation tool, that it was an excellent time well spent at the Gathering!

2.   6 participants stated that you would be interested in serving on the Board of the CQSCC organization

3.   7 participants stated that you would be interested in volunteering for CQSCC in general

4.   4 participants stated that they would be interested in having Empowerment Sessions/Support Groups.

5.   3 Participants that were interested in attending Empowerment Sessions/Sp port Groups would like to Meet on Tuesdays, 1 participant would like to meet on Wednesday and another stated anyday would be fine to meet.  

Thank you completing the evaluation, it truly gives us the necessary information to work with for planning!


If you are interested in creatIng an Exercising Group to exercise weekly please let me know.  We have a certified trainer who would like to work with our group.  Please let me know by June 27th, before his calendar fills up!


Here are the ideas, suggestions, and recommendations that you shared on the wall during the "Gathering:

1.  Host a Dance!

2.  Have a Family Cook-Out

3.  More knowledge about Sickle Cell Disease and other topics

4.  Incentives

5.  A Concert/Entertainers

6.  A Musical

7.  T-Shirts with printed info about Sickle Cell  wear T-Shirts once per month for awareness

8.  Create a store o

9.  Offer  vendor's opportunities to showcase their products/info at a nominal fee

10.   Bake Sales/ Pastries

11.  Host a Carnival

12.  Contact Dr. OZ

13.  Get the word out on Sickle Cell through local news stations (share about the organization to listeners)

14.  Face book page (we have one, it's "Citizens For Quality Sickle Cell Care")

15.  Social Media Twitter, instagram

16   Contact/connect with Radio Stations

17.   Paint Night with POSH Paint

18.  Give-a-ways (at meetings)

19.  Movie Night

20.  Game Night

21   Arts & Crafts  (for the young and young at heart!)

22.  Sell Sickle Cell Shirts

23   Car Wash

24.  BBQ/Picnic

25.  "I have business called "Rides by Junior"  Will give free rides to Doctor and back Home.  Who are you? Please call or email me.

26.  Pool Party

27.  Bounce House

28.  Craft Party

29.  License Plates for the car as a fund raiser

30.  Go to a softball game together at the new Yard Goats Stadium

31.  Host a Bake-Off as a fund raiser  Find those who profess to be good cooks and invite people to come and eat at a cost (of course!!!)

32.  Oldie But Goodie Outing in the Park.

Wow!  what an awesome list of ideas!!!

During our upcoming meeting on June 27, 2017, we can begin to prioritize this list, create work groups, perhaps  around three of the ideas that the group chooses to do for this year, and let's start working!

Please find the Save The Date  to the 2nd  upcoming "Gathering" to be held on Tuesday, June 27, 2017, 5:30 pm.,  at 2550 Main Street, Hartford, CT  06120.