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The Ramiz family learned of their son's diagnosis with Sickle Cell via the State of Connecticut new born screening program a few days after his birth.

Learning of Zaire's SCD was a very emotional and scary time. Here you have this beautiful brand new little baby and then to learn that he has a disease is not what any parent wants to hear. Malik and I began our own research to educate ourselves on Sickle Cell via the internet and books. We also have a great pediatrician who is very knowledgeable on Sickle Cell Disease and helped to provide information on resources/organizations servicing those dealing with Sickle Cell disease. We learned of Citizens for Quality Sickle Cell Care and joined the organization.

The information, services and support provided by the CQSCC have been a tremendous help to us. I now serve on the board of directors for CQSCC to give back and help other families dealing with SCD. Awareness and education are so important in managing and preventing Sickle Cell Disease. Malik, I and our family want to do whatever we can to further the advocacy, research and family support services for Sickle Cell disease.
Date of Posting: 31 August 2012
Posted By: CQSCC
On August 12, 2005 Norman and I were blessed with a son, Noah Emmanuel Moquete. Noah too has Sickle Cell Disease. We felt it was Gods will that we had another son. Noah is now three years, five months and is doing well. With the help of my family and CQSCC my husband and I feel as though we have all the support in the world we need to help our son thrive and become successful in the future.
Date of Posting: 31 August 2012
Posted By: CQSCC
On June 24, 2001 I gave birth to my son, Ethan Alexander Moquete. What a beautiful day that was for my husband and me. I had gone through two miscarriages and to finally have a baby was the best feeling in the world. We became parents to this beautiful baby boy. Joy soon became fear as we received a letter from the CT. Department of Public Health stating that Ethan was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease. What a shock to know that our son carried the same disease our niece also had. My brother's daughter also has Sickle Cell Disease. We were angry and scared all at the same time. Ethan had many complications with his Sickle Cell. On March 19th 2004 our son at the age of two years, eight months, twenty four days lost his battle to Sickle Cell Disease. Ethan was a strong little boy who had a beautiful smile for everyone. He loved to be read books and also loved watching SpongeBob Squarepants. He was our life and the fresh air that everyone needs every day. This was a tragic day for my husband, me and all of our family. Our life will never be the same.

This tragedy lead us to Citizens for Quality Sickle Cell Care. We learned about the organization through my brother who knew one of the co-founders. I remember being at this meeting and feeling a sense of hope, not just for me, but everyone who was affected by SCD somehow. My husband and I soon became members and along with the others learned how to advocate and educate all about SCD
Date of Posting: 31 August 2012
Posted By: CQSCC

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